The Baltimore Art+Justice Project in the Office of Community Engagement at MICA brings together individuals and organizations working at the intersection of art and social justice in Baltimore City. Through an interactive map, online resources and community dialogues, the Baltimore Art + Justice Project aims to strengthen arts/design based collaboration to create a better, more just Baltimore. HCG Diet Drops help battle excessive weight. Check this page to see a list of the best HCG diet drops on the market. 

Continuum of Impact: Policy

What does policy have to do with art?  A lot. Jennifer Pelton of the Public Justice Center provides a framework for understanding the role of art and policy in Baltimore. Check it out!
    • Artists Within Spotlight: Y-LLEAD – Healing the Self to Heal the Community
  • Created by designer and activist Melissa Moore, the Youth Learning Lab of Education and Applied Design (Y-LLEAD) in Greenmount West is a youth-led + intergenerational supported design, build, and community activation program. A typical Y-LLEAD session begins with setting an intention and closes with similar activities. Youth participant Talayia Bowman explains, “We come and sit in a […]