How do I know if I should be mapped?
If what you do fits along the Animating Democracy Continuum of Impact, you are indeed working at the intersection of art /design and social justice.

Do I have to be an artists or designer or an art/design organization to use the map?
NO! We encourage all individuals and organizations working on social justice and social equity to use the map to find collaborators and bring art/design based strategies to your already stellar work.

My organization works on social justice in a variety of ways, not just through art and design. Should I be mapped?
Indeed. We need you and/or your organization to be featured so artists and designers know who they could possibly collaborate with in the future.

Must I live in Baltimore City to be mapped?
As long as some of your work takes place in Baltimore City and its surrounding county (Baltimore County) you are able to create a profile.

I have not yet worked at the intersection of art/design and social justice but I would like to eventually. Can I be on the map?
You can use the Forums page to request partnerships and collaborations. As soon as you make a connection through the Baltimore Art + Justice website you will be able to create a profile on the map.

How do I connect specifically with MICA?
Go to our Work With MICA feature fill out the intake forms on the web. You’ll be working with MICA in no time. You can also go to the Office of Community Engagement website to learn more.

Do I have to create a profile for myself in order to create a project profile?
No. As long as you register with the Baltimore Art + Justice Project, you can create a project profile. We do encourage you to make a profile for yourself so everyone can get to know you better. New friends are the best!

How do I know what to search for?
You are able to use the search engine to find information by issue, neighborhood, individual and population. Simply begin typing in the search engine on the Home page.

After I create a profile, will I be able to edit it?
Certainly. You can and should check back on the Baltimore Art + Justice Project website often to keep everyone updated about your work. The more up to date the website is, the better it is as a resource for Baltimore. Come back often!

Should I register as an individual or a group?
You can be both. Create a profile for yourself then create a profile for the organization or project you represent. Or, you can simply create a group profile for your organization or project.

How can I use the blog?
The Baltimore Art + Justice Project blog is a space to learn about upcoming events, new innovate projects in the field and opportunities to enhance the work you are doing. Take advantage of our curated Tools and Tips to learn more about ways to make the case for your art/design social justice work.

How can I stay involved in the Baltimore Art + Justice Project?
Come back to the website often as well as become our social media friends like this:

I still have questions about this project. Who can I talk to?
Contact the Project Coordinator, Kalima Young at [email protected] and she will guide you.